Finally! A treatment that prevents breakage and allows us to really go blonde.

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Beginning in May I will be offering 10% off all treatments, read on to see which of my 3 offerings may be exactly what you need!

Olaplex is the #1 bond builder according to hairstylists everywhere! This color additive and 2 step treatment includes soaking your hair in NO.1 for 15 minuets, rinse and apply NO.2 for 10 minuets and then shampoo and condition with the NO.4 and NO.5 with a blowout included. This treatment is essential when you lighten your hair, I recommend scheduling this service no more than 8 weeks after you lighten your hair to prevent further damage. Fine hair may be more prone to breakage than medium to coarse hair but it will do wonders for anyone suffering from chemical breakage. Service time runs about 90 minuets. Choose "Olaplex special treatment" from my booking site now through March 31st get 10% off!

Olaplex NO.3, NO.4 AND NO.5 available for purchase.

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Purchase link for the at home repair system here!

Next up, The only smoothing treatment asked for by name, Brazilian Blowout. This treatment is completely customizable and reduces frizz, defines curls or gives you a smooth and sleek look for up to 12 weeks. How does it work? Improves the condition of hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft. Total service time averages about 90 to 120 minuets. Choose"Brazilian blowout special" from my booking site now through March 31st and get 10% off!

Acai anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, and Ionic bonding spray are available for purchase to ensure longer lasting results.

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Lastly, Im offering my signature scalp treatment. This service sounds a little weird but i promise you it feels great during and after! I gently brush off the dead skin cells from your scalp, shampoo and condition with my favorite exfoliating tea tree conditioner. The exfoliating beads gently unclog hair follicles and promote better scalp conditions. haven't you heard that healthy hair starts at your scalp? Service time runs about 60 minuets. Choose "Scalp special blowout" from my booking site linked below and save 10% now through March 31st!

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner available for purchase. feel the tingle.

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I will approve your appointment within 24 hours, please confirm C when you receive your conformation text 48 hours before your appointment.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Buy Olaplex at this link here

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