How-to color your roots like a pro!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Hi there!

I see you and I'm here to help you look great even if your only showing up to zoom meetings at the moment. I was looking for a way to service my customer's while we we're all under social distancing orders when I came across this company that sells home Root Touch-up Kits, GLOSS+ and a full line of professional quality hair care products. After doing research, reading pages of reviews and learning about dpHue I decided to dive right into their affiliate program for professionals.

A little background on dpHue, the concept was dreamt up by a fellow hair stylist and their client in 2011, to serve as a solution to busy schedules and extending the life of hair-color between salon visits. Now it's becoming a solution for stylists everywhere to help you look your best while we all battle this novel virus.

I filmed a short video to demonstrate where and how you should apply the root product, check it out below.

This kit comes with enough color to do 1 or 2 PART color's between appointments, Leave it on for 30-45 minuets max. I recommend coloring roots every 3-4 weeks.

Shampoo out roots before you apply GLOSS+.

Use your GLOSS+ in the shower, on damp hair.... and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water while you let GLOSS+ work its magic for 3-20 minutes, then rinse out thoroughly in the shower. If you're looking for super-intense results, you can apply on dry hair.

You do not need to shampoo out the gloss but do use your regular conditioner after.

I hope you love the results, let me know in the comments section what your experience is with the Root Touch-up kit and GLOSS+ or any of the temporary root spray's, and hair-care you may purchase.

Email me at to order and put "Root Touch-up Kit" in the subject line. I will contact you to set up a Zoom meeting so I can match you to your perfect shade, recommend what hair care products would be right for you and then place your order immediately!

I'm looking forward to brightening up some of your day.


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