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I’d ask you to trust me on this, but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself.

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

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I’ve been in the business of hair for more than a decade. I’ve tried a lot of different products and techniques when coloring whether I’m doing my own or a client.

I’ve dyed hair in a bathroom, kitchen, basement and a professional hair salon, so I kinda know what I’m doing.

Here are a few tips if you are brave enough to venture into the realm of at home hair color. BLEACHING none the less! The best way to go from dark hair to light without completely trashing your hair is slow and easy, don’t rush the processing.

First off, make sure your hair can stand a harsh process and if you’re questioning it probably a good idea to see a professional. 😉

Choose a product wisely and stick to professional brands, I like this one right here

I have found that less damage is done when I use 20 volume developer. Any higher and you risk crunchy breakage.

Don’t forget to get developer as it is the driver for the bleach

After applying your product let it sit for 25 minuets. Test a small section by washing off a bit of the product. Still orange? Add more lightener to the piece you washed off and let it sit 15 more minuets, unless you’re going for a more natural orange or red.

Don’t forget to use gloves! You don’t want bleach stained fingertips, trust me. These are the best ones I’ve found and bonus they are reusable

Rinse the bleach out and before you shampoo use this bond builder to repair any damage done by the bleach and add moisture and shine! Check it out here

Last, shampoo with warm water and when it’s time for conditioner make sure you let your conditioner soak in for at least a full minuet, better yet, do your shaving or exfoliating routine while it sits. Rinse conditioner with cool water for best results.

If you’re looking for a great everyday shampoo and conditioner this right here is my favorite

Let me know if you tried this at home and how it went for you.

Want to learn more about how to easily and efficiently color your hair at home?

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