My Commitment to safety

Hello lovely clients!

First of all, thank you so much for your patience and support during this huge shift in our daily lives. I want you all to know that the safety of you, me and our community is my top priority.

I've been taking this situation very seriously, and I am committed to flattening the COVID-19 curve. I have been complying with all social distancing orders. I have not made house calls or had any clients come to my home for services. My Fiancé is an electrician and has been taking every precaution necessary to stay safe and healthy. He was tested in late March and was negative for the virus. We as a family have been healthy through all of this, thank goodness. I am telling you this to hopefully give you some comfort and insight into my practices as a professional, I want to be transparent with you.

Second I want you to know have made big changes with how I conduct business in my studio. To read my updated policies and procedures. Click here

I will no longer be offering tea or coffee for the time being, I will however continue to provide water and packaged drinks to enjoy during your appointment. I will also be removing magazines, I suggest you bring a good book or use your phone or another device during your appointment. I have free WIFI for you to use!

I have cut Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from my schedule so I can keep my son home with me during the week. My schedule will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for the time being until he begins Kindergarten in August, (assuming that's still happening) I’ve really enjoyed this extra time with him and feel it’s in our best interest as a family.

We are being asked to wear masks during appointments while in this “safer at home” stage of the pandemic. I will be complying with this and ask that you do as well, so we can best maintain our health and safety.

For everyone that’s wondering how I’ve been spending my time follow me on my social media pages!

My first day back to work will be May 1st, I will have one appointment at a time and I ask you come alone to your appointments. (Most of you do, I’m js) I will continue practicing outstanding sanitation before, during, between and after appointments to ensure the safety of you and our community.

If you haven't already a scheduled your appointment please request a day and time online at

New requests please submit your first appointment request here

You may reach out to me with any questions here 720-579-5746 or email me

I am very much looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you again soon!

Stay healthy,


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