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You may have been wondering how a small business like mine is adapting amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Well, I've been setting up my home office, assuming the role of preschool teacher and coming up with a major plan to serve my customers during this time.

  My days at home have been spent researching salon quality hair-color products that are easy to use safely at home while we’re all practicing social distancing. 

During my research I came across dpHue. Which is a consumer brand that's changing the way people care for their color between salon appointments. DpHue sells root touch-up kits, 11 different gloss shades and a full hair care line including ACV (apple cider vinegar) treatments, shampoo and conditioner, blue shampoo and conditioner for brunettes and purple shampoo and conditioner for blondes.

Ask me what I recommend for you when you send me your order email.

Each root touch-up kit comes with enough color and developer product to do 2 part root touch ups or 1 full head root touch up. I thought this would be perfect for getting you through until we can meet for a regular appointment again.

To place an order through me send an email to put “root-touch up kit” as the subject line or visit my website and click the link on my home page.  Some FAQ What is the difference between dpHUE Root Touch-Up Kit and other touch-up kits?  “Many other Root Touch-Up kits, especially in drug stores, offer semi-permanent quick fixes. Our color, on the other hand, is permanent and lasts much longer. Also, it is designed by professional colorists who understand hair color and how to best cover gray roots in a way that looks natural, and still cares for your hair.” What should I wear when I color my hair? Touching up roots is easier than you think. If you can touch your own head, you can color your own roots. That said, accidents can happen to the handiest of us, so best to wear something you don’t mind getting a spot on and/or a towel like a cape, pulled snug at the neck. An old button-down shirt works great so you don't have to pull anything over your head while your color is on. Our color is a rich creme and won't drip when applied. When should I use my Root Touch-Up Kit? Whenever those grays try to rule your life! Everyone’s “gray creep” is different, but most people touch up roots every 3-4 weeks. Learn more about how to below.

Need to refresh more than just your roots? Order a gloss with your root touch-up kit. This color depositing treatment adds moisture, shine and beautiful rich color all the way to your ends. The gloss comes in a 6.5 oz pump bottle so you'll be able to refresh between appointments at least 4-5 times.

Send me a email at with “root touch-up kit” in the subject line and I’ll put in your order for you using the formula I have on file!  Pay with PayPal or Credit card.  PayPal sends a one time use code, which you send to me to complete the transaction.   Thank you to everyone that’s reached out and purchased product and root color kits, you have no idea how much it helps me and I am so grateful for you!  With gratitude,  Alex 

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