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Let’s get personal 🫣

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

I’ve been an artist since I was young, I came to love fashion and beauty in my early teens and spent a lot of time on my own hair and make up learning what worked and what didn’t. I was most definitely labeled a “punk, emo, scene” kid in high school. Lmao. 😂

I knew I wanted to become a hairstylist when my grandma began taking me to have my haircut and colored around 12 years old, the creativity and flexibility is what drew me to want a career in cosmetology, I always had lots of questions for the ladies that colored and cut my hair.

Beginning at 15 I was working at a salon as a receptionist and cutting my friends hair in garages and coloring in bathrooms. I often look back on those days and laugh because it definitely wasn’t my best work, but I had very supportive friends that knew what they were getting into. They were always down to let me practice and experiment, which I appreciate them for to this day.

A-line haircut for Katie
My first attempt at an A-Line haircut

In high school you would find me in the AP art studio working on my painting projects. Although I wasn’t the best in my class, it’s something I truly loved doing and still do to this day. I took refuge in the art class as many of my other classes did not hold my attention due to the fact I was struggling deeply with my mental health. I ended up making the choice to leave public school my junior year, to enroll in cosmetology school at Emily Griffith Opportunity school, where I also received my GED in 2008.

Although, I was on track to graduate cosmetology school in the fall of 2009, I made the choice to pursue a corporate career in the mortgage industry in 2008 after receiving my GED, this lead me to drop out of Cosmetology school for about a year until I re-enrolled at Empire Beauty College in the spring of 2010, I finally graduated in July of 2011 and passed my boards to receive my cosmetology license in December of 2011. Since my career began 12 years ago, I’ve worked as a receptionist, an apprentice, at a small tight knit salon, a large booth rental salon, 2 Sola studios and now a home studio.

Alex’s 2010 pinup shoot
Alex’s first pinup photo shoot while in beauty school. Circa 2010
Shooting for a feature in Ms. Bombshell
Photo by Robert Kilgore

In 2012 I answered a Facebook ad that was looking for pin up models for a trade for photos shoot. The photographers I met that day ended up liking the way I styled myself and offered me a position as their in house hairstylist & make up artist. This is where I discovered my talents for vintage hair and make up, this inspired me to start Estella Jane Style in January of 2013. Over the next few years my career exploded to where I was working 6 days a week. I traveled to the studio to work on models on my days off, while still working my day job cutting and coloring hair at The Salon in Littleton.

Alex at The Salon
Out back on break at The Salon

It was wonderful and exhausting time! I want to give a huge shoutout to everyone who allowed me to experiment on them during those early years and throughout cosmetology school, I also owe a heartfelt thank you to my fiancé for supporting my goals and dreams. I’ve had so many wonderful family members and friends that truly believed in me and helped me to believe in myself, you are the reason I am where I am today and why I want to keep going.

After I had my son in April 2015, after 6 weeks of

maternity leave and a short time back at The Salon, I experienced a few traumatic child care situations that led to the realization that I needed to be the one to care for my son. I couldn’t give my current employer the time they needed from me so in August 2015 I rented my first booth at Shear Perfection, where I was able to work my own hours and develop the skills I needed for a sustainable business. After a year there, much trial and error, classes and mentorship I was ready for more. An opportunity presented itself where a colleague of mine needed a roommate for her double studio, so I made the move to Sola Salon Studios in October of 2016. After 3 1/2 years in that studio, the pandemic in 2020 caused me to have to move into my own single room where I ran my business from until May 2021.

Family photo
Family photo by Valuable Gem Photo / Amber Braxton

During the pandemic, I enrolled at Red Rocks Community College and began taking classes to support a new goal of mine, becoming a Holistic Healthcare Professional. I began taking the classes that interested me most, which are the electives of course. So far I’ve completed; meditation for health, Integrative health I & II, human nutrition, and I’m certified in reiki I. I am still on this path currently and plan on expanding my service offering to reflect my learnings. I’m excited to begin offering wellness services in combination with hair and make up coming this fall.

Norah and Mommy Photo by Woodville Dream / Lacey Vandermeer

After the birth of my daughter, my lease to my studio was up. I decided to let go of my studio and take an extended maternity leave so I could focus on my new baby, family and avoid the impending burnout that was sure to encapsulate me. I had been working since I could get a job at 15 years old and I really needed to care for myself and find my creativity again. Fast forward to May 2023, I have been working from home in my cozy basement salon where I have the ability to color & cut hair. I've also been traveling to venues around Denver for hair styling and makeup clients for photo shoots & weddings.

Home salon setup
Mini salon setup complete with a shampoo bowl and chair (not pictured)

After much needed rest, I’m officially taking appointments again, I’m here to help you look and feel like your authentic beautiful self for all your special moments. I am excited and ready to take on this industry again, creating beautiful modern + vintage hair styles & make up, lived in + vivid hair color & hair cuts + treatments.

Thanks for being here,

Xx Alex


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