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Fall Hair & Make up Trends We Love ❤️

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Fall officially shows up on September 23rd, and I am more than ready for it. All summer long I've been captain of a loosely ran pirate ship. From zoo runs, nature walks and the pool, make up rarely makes the list when I'm rushing to get ready to make memories with my kids. Also, I might add hair wash day rarely results in a bouncy blowout, curls and fun hair colors? Forget it!

When I came across this list published by Harpers Bazzar I combed through to find my favorite trends to spice up my look through the fall and winter, I hope you'll see something you like here too.

Leave me a comment with your fav!

Hair Trends

Fall ombre’/

Deepening those blondes to match the season is an easy way to transition into the cooler months, correct any damage done by long days at the pool, beach days and fun summer nights out.


Deep burgundy rather; a red color with a violet hue is sure to flatter any skin tone. As always we are sure to mix a custom shade that’s perfect for you!

Bangs & Bobs/

Yes, those 70’s inspired French bangs are still in, and now is the perfect time to wear them. Bob's take little to no styling time depending on the look you want. Why not pair a shaggy lob haircut with your favorite hat for the ultimate sexy fall look.

Also- side parts are back, let that sink in millennial bby’s. 🎉

Makeup trends

Barely there brows, some go as far as to bleach their brows. Although cute with a full face of make up on, you might score a few side eye looks at your local 7/11 the next time you fill up. This is a take on the 90’s skinny brow trend… still not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?

Bold lips/

If you know me, I LOVE bold lip colors. Reds, pinks, blue, purple, coral ah you name it, I’ve probably tried it. Happy to see its back on the trending lists for 2023 fall/winter fashion.

Dewy skin/

Alright, I’m order to achieve this look you’re gonna need a killer skincare routine. Cause it’s pretty much all about looking “natural” and after all that sun exposure this summer you’re gonna need some hydration.

Soft goth/

This is a new one for me but I feel like I’d be the best person to emulate this style! Bold black lips and smoky brown eyeshadows are going to be seen all across the 2023 fall fashion runways.

Graphic eyeliner/

Favvv, seriously if I had the time, I would rock this almost daily! I love the witchy look it gives and the whole vibe.

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