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September Newsletter

Just like that, summer is almost over.

I have mixed feelings about this, on one hand I’m so totally over the brutal afternoon heat. 🥵On the other hand I really enjoy the long summer nights spent with friends outside. 🌄

Either way-

the wheel of the year is turning and it’s time to prepare ourselves for another busy season.

You should know-

Our hours have changed, again!

We are now available-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

4:30 to 8:30 + Saturdays 8:30 to 5:00

For haircuts, color, makeup and hairstyling.

Closed Thursday and Sunday.

Our Fall Seasonal Special is officially LIVE and we are really excited to be bringing you something completely new.

Autumn Bliss 🍂

Discover the Autumn bliss package at EJS Beauty, the perfect way to treat yourself this season. Enjoy a luxurious haircut with our signature aromatic cinnamon aroma therapy, a goal coaching session to help set intentions for the upcoming months, and a relaxing hand massage to finish off the experience. All of this awaits you at our beauty salon!

Click the image above to learn more about our Autumn bliss seasonal service.

Bring your intention journal or phone and be ready to set your goals for the last part of the year.

Goal setting is very important for accomplishing any goals, I love using my intention journal for daily journaling, creative writing, doodling and manifesting.

We created a daily intention journal just for you! Click on the picture to check it out.

We’ve simplified our service list!

We know our hair color offerings got confusing for some of you, not knowing what to pick can be stressful, we appreciate your patience with us as we continue navigating our re-brand and ultimately our comeback after the extended maternity leave.

We've added a new color service option called Custom Full Hair Color!

This service is for someone who is seeking a complete hair color overhaul, we understand you aren't a one size fits all and pricing varies depending on key factors.

"Transform your look with EJS Beauty's Custom Full Hair Color! Our experienced stylists will help you customize the perfect color for you, blending and covering gray, and changing your hair color. We use the latest techniques to give you the look you desire. Let us help you find your perfect shade and look your best."

Pricing will depend on multiple factors for this service such as; The amount of time, length & density of the hair, amount of product that will be used to transform your look. Set up a virtual or in person consultation with us and we will estimate a price for you.

We will continue offering our Color Maintence appointment for existing color clients, color corrections and haircuts.

We have some exciting new add on's such as a Scandi hairline, mini facial, wash and blowout and more!

Click here to look and see what we're offering.

Feel free to shoot us an email or DM to chat with us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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Thank you for your continued support, we can’t wait to service you!

Be sure to subscribe and download the EJS Beauty app by spaces by wix for easy booking, be the first to know about available appointments and new services, read our blog, keep track of appointments and more!

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