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I'm going to miss you in my chair.

Hi everyone!

I hope this summer was the return to "normal" you all needed and that you got some time to relax and visit with your loved ones. I know I have been quiet and not sharing what's been going on with me and Estella Jane Style, so here is the update you all have been waiting for...

My contract ended with Sola Studios back in May and I have not found a new salon to work from and no longer plan on creating a home studio that supports hair color and cut clients. There are a couple reasons why I've decided to go a different direction, with Delta and other COVID variants on the rise I cannot ensure that my job will not be interrupted by another closure and I do not want to be responsible for paying for a booth or studio with less or no income. I also need to be available for my son if school moves to remote (really hoping this won't be the case) and as most of you know, I have a precious new life to be responsible for and It just makes sense that I be the one to care for her. I am so fortunate to be in the position to make this decision, I know I am making the right choice for myself and my family and will reap the benefits of being available more to my children and my partner.

One way I'm keeping my foot in the door is by offering hair styling and makeup services beginning in January. I will be available for travel a few weekends a month and will also have a studio set up in my home at some point. My other plans are to continue sharing my most trusted products and partners which I can do all from home online. If you're interested in viewing my personal journey and learning more about the personal care products I use and love then be sure to follow me on my social pages and subscribe.

SO, this is definitely not what I was planning and all the cards just fell into place one by one creating a perfect storm to which I made this decision. I have enjoyed this path for 10 years and do not regret a single thing. I have loved hearing all of your life accomplishments, past stories and being there for some of the happiest and saddest of moments. I have attracted the best of clientele and am sad to not be there to make your beauty radiate even further than it already does.

If you have any questions, comments or want to book a 2022 appointment feel free to post directly on this page or email me privately at

With so much gratitude,



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