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A Guide for self-care

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Hey reader! Below I've outlined some simple self-care tips to improve your daily routine! Lets start with;


Think about the things that you are grateful for in your life as soon as you wake up in the morning, before you pick up your phone. What are you grateful for? A good nights sleep, food to eat, family, your comfy bed. Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have.

MEDITATE (whatever that looks like for you)

Honestly, there are a million different ways to meditate any time of the day.

In the shower imagine all your worries washing away. Or sit on a pillow on the floor and allow any thoughts to come, acknowledge the thought(s) and then let it go. Do a yoga practice, or a quick morning workout to stir up and release any stuck energy. Only have a few minuets before work? Start with a glass of water or a hot drink, imagine how you want your day to look like as your pouring; productive, relaxed, assertive. Infuse your morning beverage with whatever intention gets you ready to start the day on a good note.


Let someone in on your morning drive to work, send a loved one a message that your thinking about them, compliment a stranger or co worker, volunteer somewhere or write love notes to yourself on your bathroom mirror. Do one thing everyday for someone else or yourself to inspire kindness.


Any communications you need to complete. Email, texts, phone calls, missed invitations, fights with friends or family. Miscommunication, like a looming cloud, causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety and prevents us from living fully in the present moments. This one can be really tough, but it impacts us the most in our day to day life. On another note, I understand somethings cannot be cleared up in the form of a conversation. In this case I prefer to write a letter to who/whatever it is that I need clearing up, then I rip it up and dispose or burn. Make sure you have access to water or dirt to put out the flame.

These are a few things I do for self care. I really hate feeling heavy and hopeless so the more I do to prevent getting into that head space, the better. I hope you can relate to these few, simple ways to improve happiness and reduce unnecessary stress and negativity.

Leave me a comment if you enjoyed this and tell me a few things you do for self care!



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